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Structured Literacy is the highly explicit and systematic teaching of all important components of literacy, including both foundational skills (e.g., decoding, spelling) and higher-level literacy skills (e.g., reading comprehension, and written expression). Are you experiencing any of the challenges below?

  • You don’t have enough time to compile a structured literacy plan 
  • Your school(s) need support with making progress in literacy and/or have low literacy achievement
  • You are facing obstacles in implementing structured literacy practices
  • You have high teacher turnover and need a consistent  and sustainable structured literacy plan 
  • You have new administrators needing support in building structured literacy systems in their school
  • You are choosing or implementing a new ELA curriculum 
  • You are adopting or underutilizing assessments 
  • You are struggling with effective quality Tier 1 instruction 
  • You are struggling with effective Tier 2 instruction to support students in meeting grade-level standards 
  • You are struggling with effective Tier 3 interventions to close gaps  
  • You need creative ways to provide high-quality professional development and learning for teachers
  • You have teams that need direction and support with setting achievable academic goals
  • You need to develop teacher leaders to distribute leadership
STRIVE's Literacy Systems; components that are interconnected and work together to improve literacy outcomes

Why Choose STRIVE to guide you with Structured Literacy?

STRIVE’s Literacy Systems: components that are interconnected and work together to improve literacy outcomes

Deep Knowledge: STRIVE’s expertise in structured literacy across all grades means your strategies are rooted in research and evidence. 

Tailored Plans: STRIVE customizes plans to fit your specific strengths and challenges, ensuring effective and achievable structured literacy programming.

Comprehensive Training: With STRIVE, your team gets the training they need to excel in structured literacy.

Continuous Support: STRIVE sticks with you, adjusting and refining strategies to guarantee ongoing success and improvement.

STRIVE's L.I.T.E.R.A.C.Y. Book

Elevate Literacy Across All Content Areas
This book, paired with the L.I.T.E.R.A.C.Y. Community online platform, provides an expansive range of content specific literacy strategies, instructional materials, and tools to measure student progress. Practical implementation and adaptability are at the heart of this resource. The strategies and tools are designed to complement existing curricular materials, making them applicable to all content teachers. Our commitment is to empower and support educators with evidence-based strategies, that enhance the impact of their teaching and learning.


Ready-to-Use Guides
Downloadable templates to get you started right away!