Teachers, Leaders, Coaches

We team with you to improve literacy and math achievement by:
  • Improving and focusing on student growth
  • Offering customized support to build capacity for enhanced learner outcomes
  • Building positive, supporting relationships with teachers, leaders, and coaches

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To empower teachers, leaders, and coaches to write their own success stories in the name of student achievement and teacher success. 


Utilization of district and school resources in combination with STRIVE-developed resources to ensure a focus on implementing research-based instructional methods and just-right support to meet districts and schools where they are.


Through tender, loving, care and support of our current clients, free resources, charitable giving, teacher giveaways, conferences, on-site PD, virtual PD, systematic support, and tailored consulting services.

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Success Stories
Partnering with teachers, leaders, and coaches to help them achieve their success stories.

Charitable Giving

We STRIVE to provide TLC (tender, loving, care) to teachers, leaders, and coaches through our charitable giving program by giving back 10% of all STRIVE proceeds through consulting, scholarships, resources, and give-a-ways.

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