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STRIVE’s Coaching

Become an Effective Coach

Instructional coaching is a partnership between teachers and coaches, focused on improving learner outcomes. STRIVE’S Coaching: A how-to on becoming an effective coach will help coaches develop that partnership and be successful in improving teacher practice and learner outcomes. STRIVE’s goal is to walk step-by-step with coaches to develop a coaching plan that prioritizes the needs of students, teachers, and the school.

STRIVE’s Coaching contains many components for developing a coaching plan:

  • A Coaching Handbook with resources for strengthening Coaching Basics, developing a step-by-step Roadmap, providing high-quality meetings and professional development, implementing coaching cycles for groups and individuals, and differentiating coaching based on student and teacher needs.
  • Coaching Bundles, full of free resources aligned to the Coaching Handbook. The content in the bundles is created by coaches who are successfully implementing systems within the Coaching Handbook. View the tips and tricks that these coaches have to offer and walk away with practical resources that you can use right away.
  • Coaching Professional Development aligned to each section of the Coaching Handbook. Choose synchronous or asynchronous PD options for a deep dive into how to apply each section of the book to improve coaching. 
  • Coaching Mentors, a coach for a coach! Providing support for planning, implementing, and sustaining coaching plans.

Coaching Handbook Table of Contents and Bundles