In 2022-2023, our District’s 25 elementary schools gained early access to a new, evidence-based core resource, HMH’s Into Reading, and, in the same year, we partnered with STRIVE to implement a system for data driven decision making aligned to current research in reading. In planning our system-wide professional learning, Debbie, Kathi and Ashlie offered expert and nuanced advice on how educators might on-ramp into the core resource while concurrently refining their implementation of the STRIVE data system and related targeted-activities.
Our STRIVE consultants were instrumental in helping our instructional coaches, building and district leaders, and teachers understand how each component of the resource and system could (re)shape their instruction and effectively move students through the stages of reading development. STRIVE offered anticipatory and responsive support, created and collaborated on communications and guiding documents, modeled in classrooms, led professional learning, and sat with educators, side-by-side, to reflect. Going into 2023-2024 and year one of full implementation, we are celebrating and have a coherent and shared vision of highly effective approaches to teaching and learning in literacy. Thank you, STRIVE!
Jamie Burnham
Elementary Assistant Director of Curriculum & Professional Learning
Debbie Hunsaker

Debbie Hunsaker, M.Ed., is the Owner and Lead Implementation Consultant of STRIVE, Inc.

STRIVE provides national consulting and professional development services focusing on improving literacy achievement. She has dedicated her career to improving teaching and learning by supporting state and federal literacy initiatives, providing curriculum development and comprehensive literacy planning support, and providing on-site school support of teachers, coaches, principals, and district leaders. Debbie and the STRIVE team have developed evidence-based trainings and professional development in the Science of Reading/Elementary Literacy Model, Disciplinary Literacy/Adolescent Literacy Model, Data Based Decision Making, Effective Coaching, and Effective Teams. Earlier in her career, Debbie was the Division Administrator for Educational Opportunity and Equity for the Montana Office of Public Instruction, which is responsible for implementing programs and resources focused on supporting schools in improving achievement, especially for disadvantaged students.

Some of the programs Debbie has directed include Reading First, Early Reading First, Title I School Support, and the Montana Comprehensive Literacy Project. Debbie is an author of the professional resource book; STRIVE’s Data System: A how-to on planning, teaching, and assessing reading groups and a children’s book, We Made Do.

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