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Why STRIVE is the Perfect Consultant for Your Success with the Early Literacy Grant


As an instructional leader in your school or district, you understand the critical importance of early literacy. Colorado’s Early Literacy Grant (ELG) is designed to embed essential components of reading instruction into all elements of K–3 teaching structures. This is where STRIVE, a provider since Cohort 1, becomes your ideal partner in this exciting and impactful journey.

What STRIVE Offers You:

STRIVE brings a comprehensive approach to improving literacy outcomes in your schools. With a deep commitment to supporting teachers, leaders, and coaches, STRIVE supports structured literacy systems that are explicit, systematic, and encompass both foundational and advanced literacy skills. They understand the challenges schools face, such as implementing effective literacy plans and managing high teacher turnover. STRIVE’s services are tailored to meet these challenges head-on, providing continuous support and expert guidance every step of the way.

How STRIVE Works with You:

  1. Customized Support: STRIVE meets your school where it is, customizing support based on your specific needs—whether it’s curriculum, assessment, or instructional delivery.

  2. Data-Driven Instruction: Utilize STRIVE’s Data System with our current data-driven processes to enhance teaching and improve student outcomes through data-informed instruction. This system helps track what works in the classroom and adjust strategies as needed in all tiers of instruction. 

  3. Professional Development: STRIVE offers comprehensive training and resources to ensure your team excels in structured literacy. From planning and teaching to assessing literacy and math, they provide the tools necessary for success.

  4. Ongoing Collaboration: STRIVE believes in a partnership that extends beyond initial training. They stay with you, adapting and refining strategies to ensure continuous improvement and success in your literacy programs. When you partner with STRIVE you get a team approach, capitalizing on the entire STRIVE team to help you achieve your success story. 

  5. Capacity and Sustainability: STRIVE empowers educators to build cohesive TEAMS capable of driving impactful change in literacy instruction. Through tailored coaching sessions, educators are equipped with the necessary skills and strategies to not only address immediate challenges but also foster a culture of continuous improvement. This approach not only maximizes the impact of the grant but also establishes a foundation for long-term sustainability.

By choosing STRIVE as your ELG-approved provider, you leverage their expertise and proven track record to maximize the impact of the grant. STRIVE’s commitment to low-prep, high-impact strategies ensures that your teachers are not only well-equipped but also continuously supported throughout their instructional journey.

For more information or to see how STRIVE can assist your school or district with ELG please email:

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